I am Recwell

from Germany and I produce Electro Dance Music. Enjoy your stay and do not forget to follow me on my social Sites to stay tuned.

About me

Well, as you already know, I am from Germany and I mostly produce House-Style-Music.
I started to play the saxophone when I was very young. Some more instruments I taught to myself (electric guitar, drums, a bit piano). But it was not enough to play these instruments, and it was not my style of music. Because of this I bought FL Studio (in August 2011) and practice every day to get better.
If You want to know more about me, ask me via e-mail ([email protected]).
Finally, I really hope that you like my music!


What am I using

First of all, I use FL Studio to produce music. I bought it on August 2011 and I am happy with it because it is not that hard to handle.
As studio speakers I use my KRK RoKit 5 G2. I really like that real sound and they also look great!
I also own a Mixer. It is a Behringer XENYX X1204 USB. Great functions but only for small studios.

For my DJ Stuff I use Traktor Pro 2 with my Traktor Kontrol S4. For private Partys I also own two Top-Speakers and one Subwoofer.

Burrainweg 4,
Lonsee 89173, Germany